Sunday, March 1, 2015

Shaun The Sheep Movie

As you might know from so many post here, I love animation movie & Shaun the Sheep is one of my favorite animation. So it's not surprising when there's a movie about it, I decide to watch it without many hesitation.

The story open with how Shaun was really frustrated with his monotone daily routine in the farm. That's why he want a holiday and prepare plan to make it happen. Sadly, all of his plan went wrong, initiating a series of hilarious events.

Overall, this movie is good. But I think it's not really different with the usual animation of Shaun the Sheep on TV. The only difference is the duration was longer. It's funny so you will laugh a lot in the movie theater, particularly for children. When I watch this movie, there's so many children in the theater and their funny laugh was also one of the entertainment source for me. Am I weird to said such thing? He he he. By the way, I don't really recommend this movie for people who do not like Shaun the Sheep animation on TV but I would really recommend it for your kids.


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