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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Focus (movie review)

I watch it just because I have free ticket from my friend. I search about this movie on the internet and people say that it's a heist movie, similar with Now You See Me. That's why I get curious and end up watch it.

This movie is so so. It's not bad, but it's not good either. It could have been a good movie if they make the story more interesting. One of my main question when I watch it is, "Why do they make this movie? What for?". Because yes, this movie has no purpose whatsoever. What is it trying to told us? Nothing. It's just a showcases of many tricks and tricks without meaning. It's still an enjoyable movie though.

Kingsman the Secret Service

Honestly, I have a high expectation for this movie. First, the actors. This movie boast ensemble casts with high profile such as Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Strong, even Mark Hamill. Second, it's a movie about spy and I love spy movie. Moreover, it's a movie about spy in suit. How cool is that? It's no wonder that at first I thought it will be a serious spy movie so I'm surprised when it's turn out to be a comedy.

What I love about this movie:

  • The actors. Their actings are good.
  • The music score. I love Henry Jackman's score so much.
  • The premise, the action, the equipments are all cool.

What I don't like:

  • Its highly stylized violence. I've watch Kick-Ass, so I'm familiar with it. But that doesn't mean I'm a fan of it. Generally, I don't like violence in a film. That's why I seldom watch war movies.
  • Some of the scenes that was mean to be a comedy are tasteless.
  • The villain use omkara pendant. Omkara is a sacred symbol in my religion so I was uncomfortable to see the villain use it. But it's okay though... I will also feel uncomfortable if the hero use it.
Overall, I enjoy this movie (I watch it 2 times) & will still recommend you to watch it. 

Shaun The Sheep Movie

As you might know from so many post here, I love animation movie & Shaun the Sheep is one of my favorite animation. So it's not surprising when there's a movie about it, I decide to watch it without many hesitation.

The story open with how Shaun was really frustrated with his monotone daily routine in the farm. That's why he want a holiday and prepare plan to make it happen. Sadly, all of his plan went wrong, initiating a series of hilarious events.

Overall, this movie is good. But I think it's not really different with the usual animation of Shaun the Sheep on TV. The only difference is the duration was longer. It's funny so you will laugh a lot in the movie theater, particularly for children. When I watch this movie, there's so many children in the theater and their funny laugh was also one of the entertainment source for me. Am I weird to said such thing? He he he. By the way, I don't really recommend this movie for people who do not like Shaun the Sheep animation on TV but I would really recommend it for your kids.