Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Today's Rant: Stop Making Awful Movie Get Billions of Dollars

Okay. So they said that Transformer 4 have the biggest weekend opening in USA with more than 100 millions dollars. It's mind blowing considering how bad critics and fans dissed this movie. Don't get me wrong. I quite like the Transformers 1. Bumblebee is my favorite transformer and I really want it to be my future car. But I really hate Transformers 2. What's the point of making that movie actually? Thanks God I didn't watch it in the cinema because my friend said it's terrible. Even just lend it from my friend made me regret why I spent 2 hours of my life to watch that movie. In my humble opinion, Transformers 3 is so so. It's not as bad as the 2nd movie because the actions are cooler, but the story is like a "sinetron"or a soap opera. So, I decide to wait for my friend's opinion or review on the internet before I decide whether to watch the 4th movie. And after consideration, I decided I would pass it.

Back to my amusement of how Transformers 4 did really well in box-office despite the criticism. My mind is kind of blown that people queuing to see this movie. The same people who criticize the last transformer movie were there at the opening night in the front of the line. I observe that many people bitch and moan about all types of stuff, yet they are always in the center watching those movies that they dissed every time. For people who hate stuff so much, they spend a lot of time on articles and information concerning it.

Sometimes I think this so-called fan of the original franchise are just screaming idiots who think their opinion will matter to Hollywood executives. You want to know why those executives never listen to their opinion? Because they know that fans already sold by the materials in that movie hence always come to theater to watch it, even if you hate it. Why is this a surprise? Holywood's purpose is not to create entertainment for consumers, but to create money. End of it. Therefore, if you don't like the look or feel of a movie based on your favorite franchise, please spend your money elsewhere. Stop making it get billions of dollars.


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