Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Whitest Boy Alive is Disbanded

The Whitest Boy Alive is one of my favorite band. I first hear about them in 2006 and got really excited because Erlend Oye from indie folk duo Kings of Convenience is the vocalist and guitarist of this band. If you don't know, I'm a big big fan of Kings of Convenience and Erlend Oye is one of my favorite vocalist in the world. His soothing voice always manage to calm me down whenever I felt angry, sad or sentimental. I even think that he's sexy, even thought my friends laugh at me  for liking a skinny man with geeky spectacles.

This band was started as an electronic dance music project in 2003. It has slowly developed into a band without any programmed elements. The members are:

  • erlend øyeguitar and vocals
  • marcin ozbass
  • sebastian maschatdrums
  • daniel nentwigrhodes and crumar

They already released 2 albums, Dreams in 2006 and Rules in 2009. I really love their music. You should hear them too! It's too bad that we're not going to hear new music from them. Exactly a month ago they release a statement that broke my heart. T^T

The first time I heard about this news, I feel so sad. I just can't see it coming. I know that their last album was released 5 years ago so maybe I should have read it as a sign. But as with Kings of Convenience that took many years to be inactive then started to active again, I never really worry about it. I'm replaying their songs over and over again while mourning the demise of this great band. Here are some of their songs on Youtube:



Golden Cage




Thank you & goodbye The Whitest Boy Alive. You will be missed. But your name with forever engrave in my heart. 


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