Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ocean Dream Samudra

Yesterday, I went to Ocean Dream Samudra, one of the attractions in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. My original plan was to go to Ocean Ecopark. But the weather condition shows there's a chance of rainfall. Ocean Ecopark is an open park while the shows in Ocean Dream Samudra is held in closed auditorium. That's why I decide me and my sister better go to this place.

There are 6 kind of performances in Ocean Dream Samudra, as follow:

  1. Variety Animal Show
  2. Sea Lion Show
  3. Dolphin Show
  4. 4D Cinema
  5. Underwater Theater
  6. Water Stuntman Show (Scorpion Pirates)
Here are some pictures that I took yesterday:

Variety Animal Show by Makaw bird

Variety Animal Show by Sun Bear

Sea Lion Show

Place for Dolphin Show. Right after I took this picture, my smartphone have low battery hence I couldn't take picture anymore
Overall, I couldn't enjoy the shows because I was busy thinking about the animals in these shows. Whether their welfare are guaranteed, whether they are starved before the show, whether they are tired for performing several times a day. I really hope that these are not the case because the shows in Ocean Dream Samudra itself promoted environment awareness and love for those animals.


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