Sunday, July 6, 2014

Jakarta Museum Day 2014

One month ago, I went to Jakarta Museum Day Festival in Kota Tua. This festival is intended to make more people will be interested to go to museum. The format is not too different with Jakarta Museum Week, but with more space and more museum participated in this festival. Here are some pictures that I took there.

While there's some creative museums that also held some interesting activities such as demonstration on how Asmat tribe carve a sculpture, most museums that participated in this festival only displayed some of its collections. Morever the space for every museums there are so limited and could not fully represent their charm to visitors. So I think this festival would not that success in enhancing citizen's visits to museums. However, I think this is a good initiative from government. They just have to make it more interesting.

By the way, someone from NET TV suddenly came and interviewed me while I was taking a walk in this festival. Honestly, I tend to ignore my appearance anytime I went outside, except when I go to mall or temple. That's why this experience make me learn that I have to dress and looks nice anytime. Who knows when those reporters come and make you appear in national television. He he he.


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