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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How To Train Your Dragon 2 (review)

As I have stated in my previous post, How To Train Your Dragon is my favorite DreamWork animation ever. It is also one of the movie that I can't wait to see in 2014. Movies that based on a book are generally not as good as the book. But How To Train Your Dragon is the first one that I considered much superior to its source. So with a very high anticipation, I watched this movie 2 weeks ago. You ask what's my opinion about it? Well, apparently ..... wait for it ........ it's awesometacular! This movie made me a little bit crazy that I watched it 2 times in 1 day, both the 2D and 3D version!  The only thing that prevent me from watching it again is the amount of money that left in my bank account. *sigh*

Hiccup become a cool geeky man. That's what you call puberty at its finest!

I want to ride toothless.
People called it the Empires Strikes Back of animation movie. They broaden the world depicted in this movie, they make it more deep with some somber tone without losing its fun. The music is great. Well, even though they make it almost identical with music score from the first movie and also the animation series (Dragons Riders of Berk and Defender of Berk). I love the story too! No wonder Hiccup is a top notch expert in training dragon. It turns out that his mother is Galadriel, eh I mean Valka (laugh). The jokes about Ruffnuff is pretty funny too.

That inferno is pretty cool
What I love most are of course the characters, the visual and the "cinematography" (If we can call it a cinematography in an animation). Hiccup has grown up now, from 15 years old in the first movie to 20 years old in this one. He turns from an awkward, smart, scrawny boy that feels doesn't belong in the viking to a handsome, geeky, cool man with many awesome tools at his disposal. I love his fire Blade or "Inferno". It's clearly inspired by the Lightsaber from the Star Wars series, but rather than produces plasma beam as blade, it produce fire instead. He also doesn't lose his sarcasm and dry sense of humor. One of my favorite Hiccup's phrase in the first movie is:
(Imitating Stoick) "Excuse me, barmaid! I'm afraid you've brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra-large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side! This here, this is a talking fish-bone!" 
Ha ha ha. Now he's not a talking fish-bone anymore. He grow taller and look stronger. Some people also called him the Neville Longbottom of animation movie. I almost want him to be my boyfriend. >///<.

In the second movie, Hiccup must learn to man up and takes great responsibility. He also has to learn that there's some people that can't change their mind and personality so not everything can be solve with diplomacy. One of my favorite Hiccup's phrase in the second movie is:
I was so afraid of becoming my father, mostly because I thought I couldn't. Because how do you become someone that great, that brave, that selfless? I guess you just have to try.
 I must admit. I teared up a bit at this scene.

But of course the real star here is none other than the mighty Toothless. The most adorable dragon in whole universe! You can't not love him. Seriously! He's my favorite dragon, even more than Smaug and Saphira. My siblings are big fans of Toothless too! It's pretty rare to have all 4 of us watch the same movie in cinema.

Overall, How To Train Your Dragon 2 is a great movie. It also become my favorite animation, more than Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph. I recommend you to watch it in 3D because the special effect is amazing. What about your opinion? Comment below and let me know ^^.

PS: All pictures is not mine. Credit to the owner.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Maleficent (Review)

I watched this movie 3 weeks ago. I have my doubt at first because some said it is the same disaster as Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. It made me hesitate because I don't like that movie (even thought I was really eager to watch Alice in Wonderland at that time. What a disappointment). But anyway, despite the mixed review from the critics, I still think this movie is good. I even shed some tears in the cinema, but probably it's just because I was in my PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) so I'm pretty sensitive.

The music, cinematography and production design of this movie is quite good. Angelina Jolie is really good in this movie. Menacing and cool at the same time. The story is simple and sometimes I think the character development is so sudden that it seems a little bit forced. The thing is, they change almost everything you know about "Sleeping Beauty". They rewrite the history of Maleficent. The movie tag is "Don't Believe The Fairy Tail", after all. So anyone who love the original story and doesn't want it to change might have a bad time with this movie.

I read Sleeping Beauty when I was a child but I don't mind the twist in this movie. In fact, I quite love the twist! What I don't like is they change the personality of the 3 good fairies, from wise to ridiculous. The ending is also too convenience. I wonder if Aurora is so forgiving that she will overlook the fact that Maleficent kill her father. Oh, geez. Why I have issues with almost every Hollywood movie ending that I watched in May?

Overall, I still recommend you to watch this movie. The story is really average but the visual is pretty. Have you seen it? Comment below and let me know your opinion!

Edge of Tomorrow (Review)

I first know about this movie from an article in Total Film Indonesia magazine. Edge of Tomorrow is a movie based on light novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, All You Need is Kill. I heard good reviews about this movie, that's why I watched it a month ago.

Overall, I think this is a good movie. Tom Cruise is brilliant as usual. I also love Emily Blunt's acting in this movie. She's so cool as Rita Vrataski. The time-loop is not tiresome. The story is interesting and easy to follow, even thought it's deviate from the original story in the novel. Hollywood does love to made a happy ending for its movies. The music and cinematography is good. The visual and production design is also fine. I love the character development of William Cage (Tom Cruise) in this movie, how he turns to become a real soldier after die several times. He he he.

The ending is what I want to complaint about this movie. It is too convenience, nothing specials and not convincing because as I previously stated, Hollywood does love a happy ending. But well, maybe we're all love a happy ending anyway.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Godzilla (Review)

When  I'm in stress, I tend to lower my restrain to several things including my spending. Maybe that's why two weeks ago I went to watched Godzilla in cinema even though I previously declare that I won't watch it because I have to save my money. But since you could say that I'm a big fan of kaiju and monster movie, I'm not regret it.

I have a mixed feeling about this movie. It's decent enough but the human elements feels lacking. Even though the drama portion is more than the action scenes! I don't know. Maybe because there is something really lacking in the fights of the humans, in the whole human attitude that was depicted in this movie towards these monsters. It's not like in Pacific Rim where you could be moved by the human struggle and fights for those monsters. But the big monsters fights deliver, for most part. It's a lot of fun to see big monsters fighting on your screen, so I was half wished there could be more monster actions. But maybe it's just me ^^.

Overall, I think this movie just an ordinary monster movie. But because Godzilla is so badass (too bad it's only have little screen time), and the special effects is quite good, I don't think it's a waste of time and money.