Thursday, May 22, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past (review)

X-Men: Days of Future Past is one of the movie that I can't wait to see this year. I even watch X-Men: The Wolverine just to watch its end credit about Days of Future Past. With several rave reviews from critics and a high rating in IMDb, I watch it in the cinema with high expectation. Continue to read if you want to find out my verdict about this movie.

The movie tone is dark and somber. The acting is unquestionably great. Not a surprise since there are several Oscar and Golden Globe nominees in this movie. The story is cliche (how many films out there about going to the past to change history?) but interesting enough. There are several great scenes in this movie, particularly the one involving Quicksilver. It's hilarious. Marvel fans like me will smile when Magneto said that he has a skill with metals and Quicksilver said, "I think my mother know a guy like that". It's because Magneto is Quicksilver's dad in the comic. ^^. The music is so so, so does the cinematography. The CGI is superb, just like another big budget Hollywood movie. The production design is also good. But I don't know if it's because I watch it while I'm hungry and had a little headache, I didn't really enjoy this movie. I found there's something lacking in this movie that I still deemed X-Men: First Class as my favorite X-Men movie of all time.

One thing that I suspect as the main reason why I didn't really enjoy this movie is the pacing. It's become a little bit boring in the middle and the climax don't have enough punch. Maybe I just can't believe that after the damage and destruction that was done by Magneto (which is broadcasted worldwide) there is no pressure from the community to continue the Sentinel programs.

I'm not saying that this movie is bad. It still have many good scenes in it and I still gave it 8 in IMDb. But maybe because my expectation is too high, it's a little bit annoys me. In the end credit scene, there's a teaser about the next X-Men movie, Apocalypse. Overall I still recommend you to watch this movie, but just go without high expectation.


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