Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Breaker

I'm not unfamiliar with mahwa, I've read several of it before. From Kungfu Komang to Goong. From Full House to The Ruler of the Land. But it's quite rare to have me love it to the point of obsession. Well, The Breaker does.

The Breaker is one of my favorite mahwa. Some friends recommend me to check it out and I also see that it's among the hot manga/mahwa in several online manga reader. That's why I decide to read it and so glad I did. Even though the story is somewhat conventional, but the presentation is beautifully done. I rarely read a martial art manga after all. Most manga that I read is focus on relationship between friends, lover, rivals, and sometime siblings. So The Breaker story about the relationship between teacher and his disciple is like a breath of fresh air for me. He he he.

Hyuk So-Chun, one of my favorite character from The Breaker
The Breaker follow the story of Yi Shi-Woon, a formerly weak and coward high school student who was constantly bullied by his friends to the point that he almost commit suicide. But his meeting with Han Chun-Woo change his life where he learned that he couldn't overly dependent on others and have to fix his own problem himself. I won't write the story in this blog post as you can find it here. But I would tell you the reason why I love this manga.

  • The art is pretty and I love the action scenes
 I really hope they would make this mahwa a drama series or live-action movie because I want to see the action scenes.

  • I love the protagonist
Yi Shi-Woon is an adorable boy. He's a prodigy in martial art, he's the head of a very strong and wealthy clan, but he's still so sweet and humble. As a girl, I can't help to love him. I love a man with a strong heart like him.

  • I love the teacher-disciple relationship between Yi Shi-Woon and Han Chun-Wo
 Han Chun-Woo always goes on his way to save Yi Shi-Woon *laugh. Their relationship gave a warm feeling, how they always care for each other. I think that's what lacking in The Breaker New Waves, the continuation of The Breaker. It wreck my heart to think that someday Yi Shi-Woon might be have to kill Han Chun-Woo.

  •   The side characters are interesting too.
There's a bunch of interesting and intriguing characters in this mahwa. Personally I love Hyuk So-Chun, Yoo Ji-Gun  and Kang Sera.

 That's it. I recommend you to read this mahwa. Everyone has different taste but I think you wouldn't disappointed.


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