Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (review)

There's so much hate towards this movie. The rating that had been given to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 mostly low or mediocre that at first I have a little doubt to watch this movie in the cinema. It had been slaughtered, dissected, insulted, like this movie is unnecessary and redundant project by critics and some users alike. Boy, I beg to differ.

Many people said that The Amazing Spider-Man series is just a terrible attempt to gain more money and worthless. Why rebooted an already perfect franchise? Well, I thought so at first. Even though I have to admit that Andrew Garfield version of Spider-Man is more fun and playful. And Emma Stone is perfect as Gwen Stacy, a love interest that I like more than Mary Jane Watson. Sam Raini's Spider-Man 2 is my favorite Spider-Man movie and my impression of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is nowhere near this movie. Nevertheless, I immensely enjoy it. I even watched it for the 2nd time yesterday ^^. Now I would tell you what I thought about this movie.

A lot of people said that it lack focus with so many subplots and pacing problems. When I watch it for the first time, I didn't feel overwhelmed by so many subplots in this movie. It's not as terrible as many critics said that made me almost question their "intelligence". Well, I accustomed to read books with strange but intricate and interconnecting plots like 20th Century Boy so I don't have difficulty at all (Although I have to point out that we can not equalize reading a book and watching a movie). But the 2nd time I watch this movie, I realize that the tone and pacing of this movie is uneven, the transition from somber tone to cheerful is not smooth. Like many mixed reaction that it got from the critics, I also think that this movie have both the things that I love and the things that I hate.

Here are what I like in this movie:
  1. Dane DeHaan. I love him from the first time I saw Chronicle. Totally one of my favorite actor now. I love his take on Harry Osborn and can't wait to see more of him in The Amazing Spider-Man 3. One of my favorite scenes from this movies are when he's releasing Electro and take over the Oscorp with him. So wicked and naughty but so endearing.
  2. Andrew Garfield. IMHO, he's the best Spider-Man to date.
  3. The chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. It save the romantic plot in this movie. If not because their chemistry, I  might deem this movie as another teenage drama bullshit. 
  4. The visual is good. The action scenes were cools, even though slow motion effects seems over the top. Too bad there's not many in this movie.
I become an OsbornArmy after watch this movie
They look good together. Even though the scenes where they first meet in this movie is rather awkward
Fangirls start shipping them together

That wicked smile *0*
Here are my complaints for this movie:
  1. Sorry. I can't buy some scenes in it. Like when Spider-Man first defeat Electro just by shoot water at him. It's funny, but come on. Isn't it a really dangerous thing to do since water (not pure water) contains ions that can conduct the electricity? IMHO, pouring water to an electricity is not going to extinguish it, but will make you electrocute. Electro is a cool villain but the way he's defeated makes me go "ummm..". Oh. And that scene where Gwen Stacy insist that she should accompany Spidey because she knows the installation of that power plant and how to reset it. It turns out you do not have to be clever or knows the installation because all you have to do just push button with big "Main Reset" on it. *facepalm.
  2. Some plot seems unnecessary. For example, the thing about why Robert Parker died. I thought those scenes could be save for the next Spider-Man movie. But maybe it serve a purpose of explaining why Peter Parker decision to not help Harry Osborn is the right choice. The closing act of this movie that involve a kid and Rhino is a little bit ridiculous too. I know that the movie maker want to show the world that Spider-Man will be back for the 3rd movie. But still...
  3. Green Goblin screen time in this movie and his fight with Spider-Man is too short and end up abruptly. I heard that Green Goblin is the ultimate enemy of Spider-Man. Their fight deserve more than that. If not, it's better if they just leave that out from the movie.
  4. The music, particularly Electro's music is too noisy. But I guess it really depend on your taste.
  5. As I said, the romantic scenes in this movie is almost like in  teenage drama. Fortunately Andrew Garfield and Emma Stones save the day. And if I look back at my younger years, actually their on-off relationship is not as bad as several of my friends.
Overall, I love this movie and still recommend you to watch it. How about you?


  1. Nice review. Though there was a lot of everything going on here, I still had enough fun with it to where I didn't care all that much.

  2. The movie is really good, the visual effects are amazing and the plot was good, but Electro had a terrible motivation to be a villain and the best villain of the movie(Green Goblin) had a short screen time.