Thursday, May 22, 2014

Black Butler - Live Action Movie 2014 (Review)

So 2 days ago I was lucky enough to win free tickets to the premiere of Black Butler in Indonesia from Animonstar. I only read the 1st Kuroshitsuji manga, so I might not be really familiar of the story but I do love Sebastian Michaelis. Moreover, it's the comeback movie for Hiro Mizushima after his long hiatus. That's way I'm excited to watch this movie. So, is Black Butler fullfiled my expectation?

This movie did not disappoint me even though some fans of the original manga might hate it. Instead Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian's master in this movie is Shiori Genpo, a descendant of Phantomhive family. Some might argue that this is a forced step to justify having Japanese actors as main stars in this movie (Japanese movie love to cast Japanese actors to play foreigner characters, just like when the producer of Attack on Titan cast Haruma Miura as Eren Jaeger. But to be fair, Hollywood also love to cast western actor to play characters from eastern countries just like in Dragon Ball live-action). Some fans also hate the fact that they make a girl as Sebastian's master, contrary to Ciel, which is a boy. I don't mind about it. One of the reason why I didn't continue to read Kuroshitsuji is because I think it's a little bit shonen-ai.

The poster when I saw the premiere
The action choreography in this movie is great. I love to see every action scenes in Black Butler. I also love the facts that there are Rin and Tanaka in this movie. The story is interesting enough with some emotional or funny moments. We laugh and goes "awwww" in some scenes so it's fun. The music is sufficient. The production design is good enough. But the actings is so so. I love Hiro Mizushima as Sebastian, particularly in the action scenes. But his way of speaking is a little bit weird for me. He he he.

Overall, I love this movie. I might watch it again in the cinema. People with little or zero knowledge about Kuroshitsuji might still find this movie appealing and I recommend you to watch it. Some fans might hate it but I think it still worth your time and money. Comment below and let me know what you think about Black Butler live-action movie if you have watched it!


  1. Honestly, the movie was hard as fuck to follow, specially in the beginning. Though, the subtitles didn't show up at times when I watched it //didn't pay, and watched on laptop//. And you're right, I, as a fan of the animanga, very much hated it. If I recall, Sebby was cool, Mei-Rin was so-so; but man, the events that took place in the movie deeply confused me, til I learnt that it wasn't Ciel, but actually a descendant. Also, SHOUNEN-AI?!?! THE HELL?!?! Was totally not shounen-ai, at least that's how it appeared to me. Sure, Sebby and Ciel had their cute, small moments, but honestly, they care for each other only because they have their own agendas that collide together.