Sunday, May 4, 2014

Adventure on 27 April 2014 - Tour to 3 Islands in Thousand Island (Kelor, Onrust and Cipir Island)

I've always want to go to Thousand Islands. I've been in Jakarta for more than 4 years but never have the opportunity before. So when I saw a voucher trip to Thousand Islands in Groupon, I bought it without hesitation.

Last week I went to 3 nearby islands in Thousand Island (Pulau Kelor, Cipir and Onrust). We meet up with the tour group in Muara Kamal fish market. It's not hard to go there by Transjakarta bus. You just have to go to Rawa Buaya shelter and continue the journey with Carry cars to Muara Kamal. Those Carry cars is actually not a public transportation, so you must be careful to go with it.

To reach those 3 islands, we need to take boat from Muara Kamal fish market. It is smelly and dirty, but it has many fresh fishes. Contrary to my expectation, it's not take so long to travel from one island to another. That's why this is only a one day trip. By the way, there's many historical places in there islands. Fortress, old hospital, even a graveyard that rumored to be Kartosoewiryo's (the head of DI/NII movement) grave in Onrust island.

The world is so small. Without any appointment or plan before, somehow I met with one of my friend there. Ho ho ho. Here are the pictures that I take while on my trip.

Muara Kamal
Beach in Pulau Kelor

This is a fortress from when Netherland colonize Indonesia

Pulau Onrust

Pulau Cipir

Overall, it's lovely and refreshing. White sands, blue beach, historical places. The trip is also not expensive. Unfortunately, there are some garbage and mess in those island because the visitor are littering. Huh. I recommend you to visit those island, but don't litter! ^^


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