Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Review)

Due to my tight schedule (and by tight, I mean my time for my family, to make dressess and attended my bestfriend's wedding), I'm a little bit late to watch this movie. Luckily, today is the election day for parlemen in Indonesia. Hence we got this lovely holiday and I could watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So what's my verdict about this movie? Read more and find out below!

Maybe among few movies that I've watched this year, this is the best yet. It's witty, funny in unpredictable moments, action-packed with top class performances from its actors. In short, almost everything you want from a blockbuster movie. Contrary to most women that seems to love muscular man, I'm not a fan of overly muscular men like Chris Evans. But in this movie he looks so serious, dangerous and yet innocent while he seems lost in his way (well, in this movie he deals with "to trust or not to trust, that is the question"). I think I'm in love with him now. Ha ha ha. And Scarlet Johansson is superb in this. She's one of my favorite actress and Black Widow maybe is her role that I like best.

If I have complaints about this movie, I think one of them is the indifferent and forgetable music score. Other complaint is, I think this movie is half-hearted in a sense where it wants to be a political thriller while still hold its own as superheroes movie. In my opinion, somehow it makes the thriller things are not so thrilling and the story is not surprise or amaze me. Maybe it's because I've watched so many Hollywood movie, but I think the average audience would still see the plot as clear as day.

Regardless of those complaints, I still recommend you to watch this movie. Particularly for those who love Marvel movies and disappointed in Thor: The Dark World like me. That's my opinion. Have you watched this movie? Comment below and let me know what you think!


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