Saturday, April 12, 2014

Adventure on 9 April 2014 - Galeri Indonesia Kaya

It's not a new place. I always pass by this place when I go to Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia. But I always hesitate to explore it before because Galeri Indonesia Kaya is owned by cigarettes company. I heard many bleak stories from my friend whom dealing with them, hence I'm not fond of big cigarettes companies. True that they sponsored many event, offer scholarships, even spare "little" from their "enormous" profit to education and culture preservation. But our health costs and harm to our citizens from cigarettes smoking is even bigger than the advantage that big cigarettes companies offer to us. Ups.. I guess I'm blabbering too much, it's out of topic ^^.

I'm interested in history and culture. For the sake of being unbiased, I finally free myself to explore it a few days ago. It's a really nice place with interesting activities where we can see Indonesia traditional culture. When we arrive, some digital images of people in traditional clothes will welcome you with greetings in traditional languages. There are also many games in this galeri. It's quite good. Here are some pictures:

The look of their official website

When you go inside or go out from this place, those digital images will say greetings in traditional languages.

You could make your own song with traditional music instrument

An interactive touch screen where you can get many informations about culture, nature and culinary of Indonesia

Balinese Hindu Ritual

beautiful ocean

beautiful forest

beautiful peacock

Our endemic animal, Komodo Dragon

Nemo in Raja Ampat

Indonesia "ring of fire"

You can also take picture with traditional clothes

Bulung. One of Balinese culinary

One of the interactive touchscreen

Tradtional fabrics in Indonesia

Overall it's pretty lovely. Unfortunately it's not spacious. You should come here at least once, if you're in Jakarta.


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