Saturday, April 12, 2014

Adventure on 11 April 2014 - Pasar Baru and Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

This Friday, I have an opportunity to watch Spectacle Zero performance by Teater Tanah Airku, a famous children theater in Indonesia. I went to Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (GKJ) by TransJakarta, but it was too early. I thought Jakarta street would be really crowded in the Friday afternoon so I rushly leave my boarding house at 5 pm. But surprisingly, my journey is really smooth. The show was started at 8 pm meanwhile I got there by 6 pm. Hence, I took time to explore Pasar Baru, a renowned market for its cheap shoes in Jakarta near GKJ. I couldn't believe that this is the first time I went to those iconic places. *Sigh*. Pasar Baru is the oldest market in Jakarta. It was build in 1820. Here are some pictures of Pasar Baru.

A gateway on my way from Trans Jakarta Shelter to Pasar Baru

The Gate of Pasar Baru

The atmoshere there

I bought a nice jeans here. It's quite cheap

The theater performance is interesting. I got teary up a bit when they arranged blocks that ultimately stated the motto of education in Indonesia.
ing ngarsa sung tulada (teachers should become models and give examples in front of their students)
 ing madya mangun karsa (teachers should fosters initiatives among their students)
tut wuri handayani (teachers should support their students from behind)
It really reminds me that our childrens is precious and it is our duty to educate them. Unfortunately it is prohibited to take pictures of the Spectacle Zero show. But here are some pictures inside GKJ:

The theater performance that I attended is part of a children art's festival

Now I'm longing to see performance by Teater Koma and Teater Mandiri. Actually there's a theater performance in Komunitas Salihara but I'm a little bit afraid to go there alone because it's a little bit far, both from my boarding house and from public transportation. Anyone want to accompany me to go there sometimes?


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