Monday, March 10, 2014

Pompeii (Review)

Forgive me friends. Honestly, I don't know where I have to start since this movie really lacks content. You know there's something that just not right when throughout the movie I'm shouting, "You know nothing, Jon Snow!" in my head. I know the story of Pompeii from the book. How that city was destroyed and buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. I was shouting that phrase in my head, probably  because I want to skip the story to the disaster scenes where Jon Snow, eh I mean Milo, struggling to safe his love interest that he hardly know (for God's sake, they only meet twice or thrice for 10 minutes or so). He really know nothing that they're all would end up as artifacts. But for the sake of documenting all my experience, I try to write this rambling narrative. 

The movie poster.
The most entertaining part of this movie is when the volcano begins erupting and the disaster happens. That's because the special effects is great and thrilling. This movie should be the kind of movie that tells us great story about its characters. So when the disaster occurred, we feels emotional when watch the characters struggle for their life. Unfortunately, this movie failed to do that, at least for me. By the time the volcano erupted, I don't really care anymore about the characters.

What I don't like from this movie is its cliché love story. It's not convincing. The two leads, Cassia and Milo, spend a bare minimum of time getting to know each other and their relationship lacks development. The only thing that I like regarding the story is the bromance between Atticus and Milo.

Overall, Pompeii is a thrilling movie for those who enjoy great special effects and disaster scenes. If you want a typical pop-corn movie that thrilling you, I think this movie will satisfy you. But I won't recommended it for those whom feels that story is the most important thing in a movie.


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