Sunday, March 16, 2014

Java Jazz Festival, 1 March 2014

I'm a really lucky girl in case of winning free concert ticket. This time, I got free ticket to watch Java Jazz Festival 2014 from BNI! Honestly, I want to get the 28 February ticket. But BNI gave me ticket to the 1 March show instead. Ha ha ha. I should not complain about it. After all, I've got to watch many performers without spending much money!

I don't like if an event is held in PRJ Kemayoran, because I think the neighborhood is not safe. But surprisingly, it can be reach easily by public transportation. My boarding house is near Kramat Train Station, so I took the train to the venue. I get off in the Rajawali Train Station, then took a walk to Industry street and ride angkot 53 to get there. In my way to the venue, I met a "calo" (what is "calo" in english language? I don't have any idea). It's a funny experience. Gee hee. Here are the pictures:

I come early so the queue wasn't crowded

This is Padyangan Project. They're really funny! It's so nostalgic to sing their old songs

A good ethnic fusion jazz band from East Kalimantan, YK Samarinda. I love them

Krakatau Reunion. This is the first time I saw them. Trie Utami is great.

Two of my favorite guitarist! Tohpati and Dewa Budjana.
Unfortunately, I did not watch Incognito since they performed late that night.

It's only my opinion, but I think Java Jazz Festival this year is not that great. I don't really get the Jazz vibe from this event and there are several non Jazz performer that night, such as JKT48. I like them, but I just think they didn't belong in Java Jazz festival. But hey, I'm not really complaining! I've got to watch several great performance for free after all!


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