I love many kinds of music and had went through various change in musical preference. From indie to mainstream. From classical music to jazz. Music is very important for me.


A little bit different from other girls, rather than spend my money to buy clothes, shoes, or cosmetics, I usually choose to buy books instead.


Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who practice in pharmacy, the field of health sciences focusing on safe and effective medication use. For me the science of pharmacy is fascinating and interesting.


I'm a movie enthusiast. Particularly for Fantasy, Adventure, Animation and Science-Fiction Movie. It's a nice way to escape the reality for a while.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Ketoconazole dan Risiko Kerusakan Hati

Ketoconazole merupakan obat yang banyak diresepkan oleh dokter untuk mengobati infeksi jamur pada kulit dan kuku. Meskipun demikian, penelitian menunjukkan bahwa Ketoconazole dapat menimbulkan efek yang berbahaya pada hati.

Tablet Ketoconazole dapat menyebabkan gangguan hati yang berakibat pada transplantasi hati dan kematian. Gangguan hati yang serius telah terjadi pada pasien yang mendapat Ketoconazole dosis tinggi, baik dalam jangka waktu yang pendek maupun panjang, meskipun pasien tersebut sebelumnya tidak memiliki faktor risiko penyakit hati. Gangguan hati karena obat ini kadang-kadang dapat reversible setelah pemakaian obat dihentikan, meskipun tidak selalu demikian.

Obat ini dapat menyebabkan gangguan hati pada kurang lebih 1 dari 500 pasien. Kasus transplantasi hati juga jauh lebih banyak terjadi pada penggunaan obat ini dibandingkan obat jamur lainnya.

Interaksi obat
Ketoconazole merupakan inhibitor kuat dari sitokrom P450 yang dapat berinteraksi dengan beberapa obat dan dapat menimbulkan konsekuensi fatal seperti aritmia.

Gangguan pada kelenjar adrenal
Tablet Ketoconazole dapat menyebabkan insufisiensi adrenal. Aksi Ketoconazole pada sitokrom P450 dapat menghambat produksi kortikosteroid dan aldosteron oleh kelenjar adrenal.

Hal-hal di atas menyebabkan FDA mempublikasikan peringatan baru dan pembatasan penggunaan Ketoconazole pada pertengahan tahun lalu.

Pembatasan tersebut adalah:

  1. Ketoconazole oral tidak boleh menjadi first-line therapy pada infeksi jamur. Obat ini hanya digunakan untuk infeksi jamur yang fatal dan mengancam jiwa, atau infeksi jamur yang tidak mempan terhadap obat lain.
  2. Obat ini dikontraindikasikan pada penderita gangguan hati akut maupun kronis
  3. Tambahan peringatan tentang insufisiensi adrenal.
Melihat hal tersebut, tenaga kesehatan diharapkan:
  1. Tidak menggunakan Ketoconazole oral pada infeksi jamur di kulit dan kuku.
  2.  Mengenali tanda-tanda gangguan hati pada pasien. Sebaiknya fungsi hati pasien diperiksa sebelum mendapatkan terapi Ketoconazole. Serum ALT disarankan dimonitor seminggu sekali selama durasi terapi.
  3. Tidak memberikan Ketoconazole pada pasien yang memiliki faktor risiko terkena gangguan hati.
  4. Tidak memberikan Ketoconazole dengan obat-obat hepatotoksik.
  5. Mereview semua obat yang diberikan bersamaan dengan Ketokonazol untuk melihat kemungkinan terjadinya interaksi obat.
  6. Melaporkan efek samping Ketoconazole ke Badan POM.
Pasien yang menggunakan Ketoconazole harap menghubungi tenaga kesehatan jika mengalami tanda dan gejala gangguan hati, seperti:
  • Kehilangan nafsu makan, mual, muntah dan rasa tidak enak pada perut.
  • Demam, kelelahan, tidak enak badan
  • Kulit dan bagian putih dari mata menjadi kuning (jaundice)
  • Warna urin menjadi lebih gelap atau warna tinja menjadi lebih pucat
  • Rasa sakit dan tidak enak pada bagian atas kanan abdomen.
 Semoga informasi ini bermanfaat ^^.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Java Jazz Festival, 1 March 2014

I'm a really lucky girl in case of winning free concert ticket. This time, I got free ticket to watch Java Jazz Festival 2014 from BNI! Honestly, I want to get the 28 February ticket. But BNI gave me ticket to the 1 March show instead. Ha ha ha. I should not complain about it. After all, I've got to watch many performers without spending much money!

I don't like if an event is held in PRJ Kemayoran, because I think the neighborhood is not safe. But surprisingly, it can be reach easily by public transportation. My boarding house is near Kramat Train Station, so I took the train to the venue. I get off in the Rajawali Train Station, then took a walk to Industry street and ride angkot 53 to get there. In my way to the venue, I met a "calo" (what is "calo" in english language? I don't have any idea). It's a funny experience. Gee hee. Here are the pictures:

I come early so the queue wasn't crowded

This is Padyangan Project. They're really funny! It's so nostalgic to sing their old songs

A good ethnic fusion jazz band from East Kalimantan, YK Samarinda. I love them

Krakatau Reunion. This is the first time I saw them. Trie Utami is great.

Two of my favorite guitarist! Tohpati and Dewa Budjana.
Unfortunately, I did not watch Incognito since they performed late that night.

It's only my opinion, but I think Java Jazz Festival this year is not that great. I don't really get the Jazz vibe from this event and there are several non Jazz performer that night, such as JKT48. I like them, but I just think they didn't belong in Java Jazz festival. But hey, I'm not really complaining! I've got to watch several great performance for free after all!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pompeii (Review)

Forgive me friends. Honestly, I don't know where I have to start since this movie really lacks content. You know there's something that just not right when throughout the movie I'm shouting, "You know nothing, Jon Snow!" in my head. I know the story of Pompeii from the book. How that city was destroyed and buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. I was shouting that phrase in my head, probably  because I want to skip the story to the disaster scenes where Jon Snow, eh I mean Milo, struggling to safe his love interest that he hardly know (for God's sake, they only meet twice or thrice for 10 minutes or so). He really know nothing that they're all would end up as artifacts. But for the sake of documenting all my experience, I try to write this rambling narrative. 

The movie poster.
The most entertaining part of this movie is when the volcano begins erupting and the disaster happens. That's because the special effects is great and thrilling. This movie should be the kind of movie that tells us great story about its characters. So when the disaster occurred, we feels emotional when watch the characters struggle for their life. Unfortunately, this movie failed to do that, at least for me. By the time the volcano erupted, I don't really care anymore about the characters.

What I don't like from this movie is its cliché love story. It's not convincing. The two leads, Cassia and Milo, spend a bare minimum of time getting to know each other and their relationship lacks development. The only thing that I like regarding the story is the bromance between Atticus and Milo.

Overall, Pompeii is a thrilling movie for those who enjoy great special effects and disaster scenes. If you want a typical pop-corn movie that thrilling you, I think this movie will satisfy you. But I won't recommended it for those whom feels that story is the most important thing in a movie.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Robocop (2014) review

Well. Well. Well. Another very late post by a lazy writer *guilty smile. So I have risen from the grave to write again. This time, I want to write about a movie that I've watched like a zillion years ago. I'm just kidding. I watched it just a month ago. Maybe it's too late. But my motto is "better late than nothing". Hence, I still write this. I've never seen the original Robocop movie. So I can't tell you which one is better (the general consensus among movie lovers seems favoring the original). If you want to find out my opinion about this movie, just read my review below.

Robocop movie poster.
The most frequent complaint that I heard about this movie is that it doesn't have the same level of satire and gore as the original. Actually, I don't mind if it's not gore. I'm  not a big fans of violence scenes nor the sight of blood, flesh, bone and internal organs. So I find that the action scenes in this movie quite satisfactory.The music is so so. The story is interesting enough, but I can't help to think that they can do better. There's a sosio-politic allegory in this movie that if optimally explored could made it has more weight

What I love in this version of Robocop is the acting, particularly Gary Oldman and Samual L. Jackson (very entertaining as Pat Novak the presenter). Joel Kinnaman is quite okay as the main protagonist. What I feels this movie lack is a great antagonist. It makes this movie less thrilling and the climax less exciting.

Overall, I love this movie. By no means a masterpiece, but very enjoyable indeed. What's your opinion about this movie? Like it? Hate it? Comment below and let me know.