Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Lego Movie (review)

I've watched this movie 2 weeks ago but feel reluctant to write my thought about it. Contrary to the critics and most user who praise and think highly of this movie, I have a mixed feeling about it. If you curious why, continue to read this review below.

First of all, the animation of this movie is great. The cinematography is great and the world depicted in this movie is beautiful. The music score and soundtrack is so-so. Not special but sufficiently interesting. This movie is clearly an advertisement for Lego but I applaud the use of many interesting cameos in it. The addition and parody of Batman, Superman, Han Solo, etc made me laugh in cinema and some of it hilarious. I will certainly love this movie if not for the story that I think is cliche as hell. Something cliche is forgivable for me if I feel some connection to its story.  I can relate myself with Toy Story and Wreck-it Ralph but it's not the same for this movie even though I'd played Lego when I was a child. I don't know. Maybe it's because I have an overly high expectation about this movie when I saw it got a score of 8,6 in IMDb.

Overall, I still think The Lego Movie is a good movie. But in my opinion it's not a great one. I think the humor in this movie is a liitle nerdy. Anyone who don't know about Star Wars or superhero universe might not understand some of it's joke. But I'm sure it still can entertain many people. That's my opinion about this movie. What about yours?


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