Monday, December 16, 2013

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Review)

Okay. So last weekend I watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in 4DX  3D format. In case you don't know what 4DX is, you could read the description here4DX allows a motion picture presentation to be augmented with environmental effects such as motion, scents, mist and wind, outside the standard video and audio. So basically there's a plenty of motion, breeze and water mist in the theater. This is not my first time to watch something in 4D. My first experience was in Batu Night Spectacular Malang and honestly it had more impact to me at that time, compared to when I watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I think the main reason for this is because the movie that I've watched in Malang is specifically design for 4D while Desolation of Smaug isn't. That's why I think it didn't add more experience than watching that movie  in other format.

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If I'm allowed to be blunt, honestly I'm a little bit disappointed by this movie. Sure it is still a really good movie. But maybe my expectation is too high or maybe because I read the original book and feel this movie is stray far beyond the original story. Now I will tell you what I love about this movie first.

First of all, I love the acting. In my opinion, Martin Freeman is the best Bilbo you could ask for. He portrayed the dark side of Bilbo where he gradually attracted toward the darkness of the one ring perfectly. I love Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey too. Richard Armitage, Orlando Bloom and Evangeline Lily are kick-ass as Thorin, Legolas, and Tauriel. On the other side, I think Martin Freeman is underused in this movie. He didn't have that much scene because there's so many different story within this movie. As usual, the CGI is awesome. Not as awesome as usual though cause some background looks obviously fake. But I really like the production design. The spider scenes, the barrel scenes are interesting and excited. Really creative. The conversation between Smaug and Bilbo is a highlight in this movie. All hail to the dragon. I love Benedict Cumberbatch here. But honestly, the conversation between Bilbo and Smaug is not exactly went on  like in the book. It's longer. Oh. And I love Luke Evans as Bard the Bowman.

What I don't like is the music score of this movie. You know that there's something wrong with a movie as extravagant as this franchise if you don't remember any piece of music score in it. At least Song of Lonely Mountain from the first hobbit movie still linger in my head. Then, I don't like some additional story in this movie too. If you read The Hobbit book, surely you will know that Beorn have more role than that. They also make the time span of the dwarf taken prisoner by the elf shorter. It doesn't looks like they're in elf's prison for more than 2 weeks. And why they have to introduce love story between Thauriel and Kili? For the sake of making Thorin and the dwarfs look badass, this movie also add fighting scenes between them and Smaug, which is not really impresive. And what about the unsatisfied ending?

Forgive me from blabbering too much. Well, with all that's said, I still recommended you to watch it thought. This movie still have many scenes that would make you excited.


  1. how about the 4dx effect? Is it worthed? a lot of wind, spray, smell, and vibration?

    1. Well, it actually added more experience on some level. But IMHO not worth the price. A lot of spray and vibration. There's some wind, but I'm not sure about smell.