Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Top Favorite Manga

Without I realize, my blog had gotten more than 50.000 views. Banzai! To commemorate this, as usual, I intend to write something personal. And this time I want to write about my favorite manga of all time. As you know, I'm an avid reader of manga and I've collected several series which crowded about 8 of my bookshelves. I would not include manga that still on-going on this list, so you would not see One Piece or Skip Beat. I will only include manga that had already ended. Okay, here we go:

small part of my bookshelves
Shoujo Manga

I'm not a fan of Shoujo manga, I'm not a romantic girl after all. But sometimes there are some romance manga that I can't help to like. Here are some of them:

  • Lovely Complex
Lovely Complex is a love story about Risa Koizumi, a very tall girl and Atsushi Otani, a short guy. It's very funny and touching. I think this manga has won an award or something, has been adapted into an anime and a live-action movie.

  • Nodame Cantabile
This manga follow the love story of Noda Megumi (which famously called Nodame), a very talented pianist and Shinichi Chiaki, a talented conductor. Honestly, there's a part of Nodame's personality that resemble me. Btw, it's a perfect manga for someone who love classical music like me. Some people might not like the art of this manga. But it's funny and touching. Give it a try! It's already adapted into anime, movies and drama and receive Kodansha Manga of the Year Award.

Nodame and Chiaki
  • Fruit Basket
A manga full of touching story, interesting characters, and lessons from life. It's great and you should read it! It has been adapted to an anime and receive an award.

Tohru Honda with the rest of Fruit Basket characters. Credit to frozen_wings.
  • Bara no Tame ni (For The Rose)
It's a complex and unique story about love, family and friendship and follow the story of a girl named Yuki Makirano who others deemed as fat and ugly. Has been adapted into a Taiwan drama, "The Rose".  It receive Shogakukan Manga of the Year Award in 1994.

  • Honey and Clover
This is one of manga that I read after I watch the anime.  Honey and Clover is a touching series that depicts the lives and relationships of a group of art school students who live in the same apartment building. It also receives an award, has been adapted into anime and drama.

Well. If I think of it now, all of Shoujo Manga above had received an award. Wow. It's no wonder because all of those 5 are great manga. Now let's move to Shonen Manga.

Shonen Manga

I want to add Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya to this list, which unfortunately I can't because even though I watched the anime, I've yet read the manga. I want to pick Bloody Monday, Black Cat and Yu Yu Hakusho but because I have to only pick 5, here is the list:

  • Rurouni Kenshin
Among all classic anime that I've watched, I also had the opportunity to read Rurouni Kenshin. This manga had been adapted into a live action movie (starring my favorite actor, Takeru Sato as Kenshin) with a sequel that expected to be in cinema next year. I can't wait!

  • Death Note
Needless to say, it's one of the best manga of all time, if only it end with the final confrontation between Kira and L. I honestly think that they just want to stretch out the story with the appearance of N and M. I deeply think that's not the writer's plan for the ending. Something that was hinted in Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata later work, Bakuman. By the way, this manga has been adapted to an anime and 2 live action movie.

  • Full Metal Alchemist
All I can say has been said here.

  • Touch
Adachi Mitsuru's strength is how he can make a general everyday life to be an interesting story. Touch is a perfect example of this. It has been suggested that the accurate portrayal of sibling rivalry in Touch may come from Adachi's experiences while growing up with his older brother, Adachi Tsutomu. 

  • Slam Dunk
Until now, I don't really like Hanamichi Sakuragi. But I love Slam Dunk. Well, does it make sense? (laugh). I can't help to notice the similarities between Kagami Taiga from Kuroko no Basket and Hanamichi Sakuragi. Both are short temper, red-haired, jump high, and wear the same jersey number (Kagami --> Seirin no 10, Sakuragi --> Shohoku no 10). But I love Kagami more (laugh).

  • Bakuman
It's a follow-up manga from the creator of Death Note. Not in the same league as the previous work but really interesting.

Seinen Manga

 I wish to include Gantz on this list, but because I have an issues with the ending, here is the list of my favorite seinen manga:

  • 20th Century Boys
It's epic.

  • Monster
This is the first work of Naoki Urasawa that I've read and he quickly become one of my favorite mangaka.

  • Kurosagi
The story about a swindler that only deceive another swindlers. Really interesting.

  • City Hunter

  • Great Teacher Onizuka

That's all. I hope you enjoy it. What is your favorite manga? Comment bellow and let me know ^^.


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