Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Personal 10 Best Movie of 2013

I haven't watch all movie in 2013. I haven't watch Prisoner, Rush, The World's End, American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave and other notable films. I check my rating history in IMDb and here is the list of my favorite movie in 2013:

10. Now You See Me

This is a messy film, void of character development and with unsatisfied ending. But screw that! I always like a heist & magic movie, hence Now You See Me is on my list.

9.  Iron Man 3

I want to put Thor : The Dark World on this list, but I choose Iron Man 3 instead. Despite the flaw, this movie is fun and Pepper Potts is badass. Read my review here.

8. The Conjuring

The only horror movie that made it into this list. Love the acting. Read my review here.

7. Pasific Rim

I didn't really into mecha genre. I've since long forget what it feels like to watch Gundam (the last time I watch it is when I was in junior high school) and the only mecha anime that I watch this year is Tiger & Bunny. Maybe that's why I love this movie. Read my review here.

6. Ender's Game

I love it. This is the full review.

5. The Hunger Games

Despite its somber tone, I love this movie. The full review is here.

4. The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

Honestly, I'm a little bit disappointed with it. But hey, this movie is still good and I still love it. Read my review here.

3. Star Trek Into Darkness
I really like it and ended up watched it 3 times this year. Read the full review here.

2. Gravity

As a person who aspire to someday go to outer space. This movie is a must-watched. Here is my review.

1­. Frozen

I love movie about family, particularly siblings relationship, and this movie deliver it very well. I really love it. Period. By the way, you could read the full review here.

That's my list. How about yours?


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