Monday, December 9, 2013

Frozen (Review)

Honestly, this year there wasn't any animation movie that satisfy me. I kind of expect that there will be no notable animation movie for 2013. That's what I thought. Until I've watch Frozen 2 weeks ago. After read several favorable reviews of this movie, I thought I might give it a shoot and didn't regret it.

Frozen is Walt Disney Animation's follow-up movie after Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph. A lovely tale based on Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. The movie tell the story of 2 princesses, Elsa and Anna, in which the older sister (Elsa) has power to create ice and frozen things. Because she can't control it, in one occasion when they were a child, Elsa accidentally hurt Anna and finally decide to distance herself from everyone. Just read the synopsis here.

I would tell you what I love about this movie. The visual is amazing! The scene where Elsa build her ice castle in the mountain is breath-taking. It also emotional. I don't know why, I cry while watching this movie >////<. The music is spectacular and convey the emotional tone in this movie really well. The story is too simple and somewhat predictable, but since it's a family movie, I don't mind. Overall I really like this movie. I recommend you to watch it :D.



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