Monday, December 9, 2013

Frozen (Review)

Honestly, this year there wasn't any animation movie that satisfy me. I kind of expect that there will be no notable animation movie for 2013. That's what I thought. Until I've watch Frozen 2 weeks ago. After read several favorable reviews of this movie, I thought I might give it a shoot and didn't regret it.

Frozen is Walt Disney Animation's follow-up movie after Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph. A lovely tale based on Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. The movie tell the story of 2 princesses, Elsa and Anna, in which the older sister (Elsa) has power to create ice and frozen things. Because she can't control it, in one occasion when they were a child, Elsa accidentally hurt Anna and finally decide to distance herself from everyone. Just read the synopsis here.

I would tell you what I love about this movie. The visual is amazing! The scene where Elsa build her ice castle in the mountain is breath-taking. It also emotional. I don't know why, I cry while watching this movie >////<. The music is spectacular and convey the emotional tone in this movie really well. The story is too simple and somewhat predictable, but since it's a family movie, I don't mind. Overall I really like this movie. I recommend you to watch it :D.


  1. Nice review. The type of animated flick that can be entertained by anybody in the family, but especially the kids, who really do matter the most.

    1. Thank you. By the way, I love your movie reviews.