Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dhoom 3 (Review)

Actually, I never intended to watch Dhoom 3. But because all 47 Ronin show time in Mal Kelapa Gading was sold out, I quickly decided to pick this movie in the cinema. It's been so long since the last time I watch an Indian Movie. The last one that I've watched was 3 Idiots and I really like it.  Coincidentally, those movies have the same main actor, Aamir Khan. So, is this movie as good as 3 idiots?

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Fairly speaking, Dhoom 3 is an enjoyable movie. I might say that it's a great movie..... if you abandon your logic and accepted all that was shown in front of you. The acting is good. There's a blend of touching story, humour, romance and over-the-top action scenes. Ah, and the music is quite good too!

I have a few complaints about this movie. First is the over-the-top action scenes. You know there's something wrong with a film if the action scenes makes you shake heads, face-palmings, and laughing (because of the ridiculousness) rather than make your tension arise. Second, the story is somewhat predictable. Well, I've watched several heist movies and several movies about magician too. And from the moment they show the teleportation magic, I was quickly remember "The Prestige" and rightly guess that it has similar trick. That's why I didn't surprise at the revelation. But well, maybe it's just me.

Besides all of my complaints above, Dhoom 3 is really entertaining. So, just give it a shoot. Okay? Have you watch it? Tell me your opinion about it below.


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