Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thor: The Dark World (Review)

At first, I was reluctant to watch this movie in the cinema as I expected that it would only made me see another superhero movie without any deep meaning and lots of "bangs" and "explosion". The only reason I finally watch this movie is because I'm somehow a fan of Loki <3. Turn out I'm not entirely wrong. It was a 2 hours meaningless fun movie.

The Theatrical Poster
This movie title is Thor: The Dark World, but the opening and ending scenes are about Loki. Made me think that maybe Loki is the star of this movie. *peace*. Many people said that this movie is funny with lots comedy in it, I disagree. I didn't laugh my ass off, only smile or chuckle at some scenes. The best scenes in this movie are the one where Loki looks devastated after losing one of the important people in his life and the bickering scenes between Thor and Loki. The chemistry between Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston is great. What I like too is the way that Natalie Portman has a big role in the action scenes of the movie, not just as "Damsel in Distress". Kat Danning's performance as Darcy, Jane Foster's co-worker is very refreshing too. The special effects are good. The cinematography and the music score are so so.

There are 2 complains from me for this movie. First, the villain. Maybe it's just me, I don't like the villain. I found him to be uninteresting and not intimidating at all. As I believe that a hero is only as good as his/her enemy, I found Thor to be a little interesting in this movie. I must admit that I found Thor in the first movie more interesting. The second is about the ending. I mean all those scenes where Loki give his life to save Thor and in the end he turn out to be like that?? Really?? Marvel better not said that this ending mean he has killed Odin or I'll be pretty mad. The ending credit scene drop some hints of the next Marvel movie as Sif and Volstagg give aether to a collector whose name I don't know and start talking about "the infinite stone". What is that? I guess I will find that out in the next Marvel movies.

Well, that is my opinion. How about you? Comment below and let me know :D.


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