Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ender's Game (Review)

I watched this movie after Thor: The Dark World. So glad that I did. A science fiction and action movie that isn't mindless! I haven't read the book at the time I was watching this movie, but some people said it's not as thought-provoking as its book. Really?? I think this movie is entertaining and thought-provoking. The book must be so awesome if it's more thought-provoking than this. That's why as soon as I get out from the cinema, I search Google Play Book and buy it without hesitation *laugh.

The Theatrical Poster
So Ender's Game is a science-fiction movie where children is trained to be the next commander of Earth fleets. Some years in the past, humanity encounter attack from bug-like alien known as "the Formics" and lost a great deal of population and land. Never want that to happen again, the International Fleet created the Battle School, a program designed to subject children with the best tactical minds to rigorous training. The movie follows the story of Andrew "Ender" Wiggin, one of the trainee that eventually chosen as the commander.

The movie is quite faithful to the book, with some changes and a lot of cut to the story. The main difference is the book tells more complicated story about the relationship of Ender and his siblings, Peter and Valentine. The Wiggin siblings are extremely smart and while Ender is busy in the battle school, Peter and Valentine has prominent role in Earth's affair. The movie only follow the story about Ender without much said about his siblings. It made this movie lacks the deep of the book. For example about the process where Ender finally gain respects from his fellow trainee that really short and about his relationship with Valentine. But aside from that I'm still think the movie is good. I recommend you to watch it!


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