Sunday, October 20, 2013

Museum Nasional (The National Museum of Indonesia)

The National Museum of Indonesia is a very renowned museum near National Monument and probably my favorite museum in Indonesia. It is also called "Elephant Museum" because it has a bronze elephant statue located in front of the museum. This statue is a present from King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), a king from Thailand that visited it in 1871.

The museum collections is grouped and arranged according the certain subjects like ethnography, archaeology, ceramics, etc.  It consist of 2 buildings, Gedung Gajah and Gedung Arca, that is connected through a glass walled bridge gallery. Here are some photos that I took when I went there:

The reasons why I love this museum is because I can learn about the cultural diversity in Indonesia through its collections. It makes me respect other regions culture and want to travel all over this lovely country. I even learn more about Balinese Culture in this museum. Surprisingly, through its collections I became aware that my knowledge about Bali is limited even though I'm a Balinese >///<. I recommend those who want to see the history and cultural diversity in Indonesia to visit this lovely museum.


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