Thursday, October 10, 2013

Museum Bank Indonesia (Central Bank of Indonesia Museum)

Museum Bank Indonesia is probably the best museum that I ever visited. It is opened in 2006 so it's relatively new. It's modern, clean, and display economic history of Indonesia using multimedia technology, games and diorama. The best part is you could enter the museum for free. I enjoy the time that I spend there to watch or read history of the central bank and the progress of Indonesia economy. Here are some picture that I took when I visited it:

The explanation about cinnamon, one of our export comodity

The explorer

In the old days, developed country greed make them a colonialist.

Japanese soldiers uniform

Indonesia soldiers uniform

It's true

Very sad

My beloved country, Indonesia

1998 riot

Overall, going to this museum is lovely. I've been there twice :D. Have you ever go there? If not, it could be an alternative to spend your time.


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