Monday, October 7, 2013

Kick-Ass 2 (Review)

Kick-Ass 2 is the sequel of Kick-Ass, the film that made Chloe Grace Moretz popular. Her performance in this film as 11 year old bad-mouth badass Hit Girl shock public and become instant hit (with her popular phrase, "Act like a bitch, getting slapped like a bitch"). Really, I thought having an 11 years old heroine that did enormous violence while throw up curse words was a bad idea. But somehow it works in this movie and I kind of like Hit Girl. That's why about 2 weeks ago I decided to watch it in cinema (after 2 weeks again? I'm sure is lazy nee).

I kind of baffle to know that many people don't like this movie. True that it doesn't have emotional gravity from the bond of Big Daddy and Hit Girl. True that in this movie Hit Girl mostly out of her costume. True that there are several bad jokes in this movie. But nevertheless I still find this movie entertaining.

First, the acting in this movie is good. Particularly Jim Carrey as Colonel Star and Stripes. Second, it has some entertaining action scenes. Particularly the scenes that involve Mother Rusia, it's badass. I'm afraid for the world if someone like her really exist in this world. What I don't really like in this movie is Mindy's (Hit Girl)  "Mean Girls" scenes. Yeah, all the scenes where she's bullied is kind of predictable so it bored me. But I do like when Mindy sneak to Dave's (Kick-Ass) room the night that she humiliated by her mean friends and said that she miss her "Robin". Oh C'mon.. I really want to see Hit Girl movie and judging from the ending of this movie, that is possible. Well, Mindy have to go to New York and live alone cause she's responsible for death of 6 persons and doesn't want to trouble Marcus, her guardian. So maybe the movie will tell us about her story there.

Overall I found this is a good movie and still recommended it. How about you? Do you think Kick-Ass 2 is a good movie?


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