Saturday, September 21, 2013

AFAID 2013

On 8 September 2013, I went to Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Indonesia in Jakarta Convention Center. Honestly I want to go on 7 September to watch BabyMetal and Kalafina, but due to budget constraint, I thought I must pass the chance to watch I Love Anisong stage. I choose to went on 8 September because there would be TM Revolution as guest star (even though he's not performing) and also there is a screening of Detective Conan Movie 17. I'm not lucky. T^T. There was a signing session with TM Revolution for the first 100 people but since I didn't anticipate it, I didn't bring anything to be signed. If I hurried myself to bought poster or CD, I must left the queue and the balance of probability is I would not get to meet TM Revolution because there's so many people queuing in front and behind me. That's why I choose to watch Detective Conan Movie 17 instead. He he he. Here are some pictures that I took there:

a cosplayer outside the venue

Thor cosplayer

Maid Cafe

Ace and Luffy

Animax stand

TM Revolution Nii-chan
Anyway, I really enjoy it. Detective Conan Movie that I watch is superb (hence, I download all other Detective Conan Movies as soon as I got home >///<).


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