Monday, July 8, 2013

World War Z (Review)

World War Z is a movie based on novel with the same name. However, the story in the movie is deviated so much from its original noveI, lead to outcries from the fans of the book. I never read the book so I can't give comment about that but the movie is enjoyable enough. Maybe I would say otherwise after read the book though, like when I saw Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief movie that I thought was fine at that time. After read the books in the series, I became furious because they almost ruin the original story. But in the meantime, let me told you my impression of World War Z as a movie.

Brad Pitt act as the main character, a United Nations agent that have to investigate the source, cause and cure of the zombie apocalypse. This movie is cool enough for a bloodless zombie movie. If majority of books and movies portray zombies as slow creature, in this movie they fast and act more aggressive to sound. The premise is cool and the story touch a little bit about politic here. Just imagine what measures the government will take to overcome this whole zombie outbreak. This movie is meant to be touching but I found that the addition of the family in this story did not lead to a touching drama. It's all about building the tension and suspense. The cinematography is good. The music score is so so. It's too bad that this movie don't give room for minor characters to shine. The ending is not satisfactory, but maybe it's because they want to make the sequel of this film. Overall, watching World War Z is a good time for me.


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