Monday, July 8, 2013

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club is one of my favorite indie band from Northern Ireland that consist of Alex Timbre (Lead vocalist, guitarist, beats synths), Sam Halliday (Lead guitarist, vocalist) and Kevin Baird (Bassist, vocalist, synths). Until now, they have released 2 albums, Tourist History (which receive an award) and Beacon.

Two Door Cinema Club
I really love them. Kevin's bassline, Sam's guitar melody and particularly Alex's voice. Their music is catchy, cool, and dance-able. Here are some their songs in Youtube:

What You Know

This song is the first song that I heard from them and got really addicted. You could download it here. Just give it a listen! This song deserve more fame.

Something Good Can Work

This song is really good too. 

Sleep Alone

This is a song from their second album. Download it here.


My favorite song from their second album.


One of their live performance of Handshake. I really love this song.

My favorite member is Alex Timbre. I guess I have a soft spot for chubby man with divine voice and skill to play music instrument >///<. 

Alex Timbre

Alex Timbre
They have come to Indonesia in 2011 but I didn't know them at that time, hence I didn't go. I wait for them to have a life concert in Indonesia again! I hope someday I could see them perform here!! 


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