Monday, July 15, 2013

Pasific Rim (Review)

When I read today that more people choose to watch Grown Ups 2 than Pasific Rim, I thought maybe the Earth is really coming to an end. Seriously, after a series of mediocre to bad films that neither good nor funny, I've lost faith to Adam Sandler's ability to make me laugh. On the other side, Pasific Rim had many cliche moments but it still really fun that I don't really mind and still think this movie will make it to my Top 10 Best 2013 Movie list. To be fair, my opinion maybe have something to do with the fact that I'm a fan of anime. Maybe that's why more people watch Grown Ups 2, because it attracts attention from everyone but Pasific Rim only get attention from nerds, anime fans, and anyone who wants to watch giant robots fighting giant monsters. Whatever, just read my review about this film below!

Guillermo del Toro is a very visual director so it's not surprising that the visual in this movie is good. Some people complain about the darker tone he use in this movie. I really don't mind because a lot of the fighting scenes were in night time. If it's too bright it would not feel realistic. The action sequences is good. Unlike Transformers movie where the action is messy and over the top (so sometimes I don't get what's happening), the action scenes in this movie is not hard to follow. It's not boring and repetitive like what I felt when watched Man of Steel. The music score is good. Some would feel that the score of this film is too loud and noisy but I was so immersed in the action scenes that I don't mind at all.

This movie is imaginative but some parts of it is believable. I can really picture what would human do if someday Kaiju appear in this world, it might be not so deviated from this movie. The characters are interesting though there's many cheesy dialogues in this movie. I was impressed by the performance of Mana Ashida, the young Japanese artist who played the young Mako. Idris Elba is very good too.

What I don't like about this movie is the ending. Too convenience and made me raise a lot of questions because of the implausibility. But overall this movie is fun and enjoyable. Have you watch Pasific Rim? What do you think about it? Comment bellow. Let me know.


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