Monday, July 8, 2013

Monster University (Review)

Finally! The first descent animation movie in 2013 is none other than Monster University!

Mike Wazowski  and James P. Sullivan
Monster University is the prequel of Monster Inc that told story from the days Mike Wazowski and James Sullivan train as scarer. It's kind of odd that in this movie they first meet each other in university since I remember Mike said to James in Monster Inc movie that he always jealous of Mike's face since they're in their 4th grade which emphasize that they've known each other since they were kids. But whatever, It's still a good movie both for kids and adults.

It opens by a short animation movie, "the Blue Umbrella". It's quite a good and unique movie. I personally love the intro of the movie that tell us how Mike Wazowski became fascinated by the scarer  and dream to take the scare major in Monster University. After that, the movie told us a generic story of how losers and underrated group become the winner of the contest. It's far from bad story, but generic. I must point out that the story of Monster Inc is more unique and fresh. But the last 30 minutes of this movie is golden, deep, touching and entertaining.

Overall, I'm satisfied with Monster University. I only wish they could bring a more fresh story but this movie is executed in a descent way. Watch it! It's worth your time.


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