Sunday, July 7, 2013

Man of Steel (Review)

Just as Iron Man 3, half the viewers love it while the other half hate it. I was hesitate to watch it at first but finally I made up my mind and watch it 1 week ago.

Overall, for me it is a good movie. Even thought I could not grasp all those things about Codex and basically all the things about Krypton. The movie spend a good amount of time to introduce Krypton to us and it looks impressive. I don't know whether it's because I'm dumb or the story is not plausible, I really don't get why Jol-Er put the Codex inside Kal-Er then send him to Earth. Of course I know that he want to save his child before the destruction of Krypton, but he intend to save the Krypton legacy by incorporating the Codex, thing that store the DNA code of Kryptonian, to Kal-Er. How he plans to bring back the whole Kryptonian race by doing so is still a mystery for me. Other things that I still don't understand is General Zod and his baseless hatred to Kal-Er. I found it's weird that Kryptonian had time to adjudicate and sentence General Zod and his follower while they supposed to evacuate themselves since Krypton planet is on its edge of destruction (and foolishly made them an extinct race).  

Apart from the Krypton thing, I found Man of Steel is enjoyable. The acting is good but too bad there's not much room for romantic story between Clark Kent and Louis Lane. The music and the cinematography is so-so. The action is cool but I found it tiring. Maybe because I fed up with mega CGI-action scenes such as in Transformers, The Avengers, practically almost all Hollywood movie. Seriously, why the destruction is always focused in America?? (Not that I complain though. At least in the movies those aliens never come to my home country).

It's funny. Credit to the maker, uploader and
It's not groundbreaking or a must-see film. That's being said, I will still recommend you to watch it and see it for yourself.


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