Monday, July 8, 2013

Despicable Me 2 (Review)

After Monster University, I had a high hopes for Despicable Me 2. Is the reality match my expectation? Keep read this post to find out!

Actually this movie is good enough. The minions is the highlight of this movie and they're so funny. Gru's 3 children are so adorable (particularly Agnes). The villain is a badass, I particularly like the introduction of El Macho. The gadgets are cools even thought there's only few of them. I don't really like the music score though. The music and the story in this film is pretty lame, the solution of the problem is too convenient. Children will love it but adults will feel that they don't have many things to dig from this movie. The 3D is useless so don't watch it in 3D because it won't add more good viewing experience. Finally I would say that I'm a little bit disappointed. But the funny minions in this movie made it still worth watching.

Funny minions!


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