Sunday, May 26, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness (Review)

Honestly, there's too many review of this film that made me lazy to do one even thought I've watched Star Trek Into Darkness for the third time. Crazy? I am. I love the 2009 Star Trek Movie (even though there are a lot of issues that unexplained in that movie). Well, since I never watch Star Trek:The Original Series (only Star Trek: The New Generation), I would not discussed how correct are the portrayal of the actors to those iconic characters. I would review it as a stand alone movie.

I think this movie is great. In my opinion, more awesome than Iron Man 3 (since I still hate the fact that they change the Mandarin character in the movie). The special effect is good, the cinematography is good. I raise one of eyebrow when someone said that the movie plot is slow. Pardon, slow? I think the story travel in warp speed that I didn't realize 2 hour has passed. For me, all the acting in this movie is good. Benedict Cumberbatch is brilliant as the villain in this movie, but he did not give ground-breaking performance. Maybe because somehow I thought the villain is quite underdeveloped. However, Benedict is a scene stealer. Wherever and whenever he's there, he steal the attention that I didn't give attention to other actors. He he >///<. The music is good. I particularly like Khan's theme. It's so evil. Gosh. What I don't like about this movie is I found the action is rather exhausting (a little bit too much) and some plot holes. 

I read some of other reviews and just want to address some issues:
  1. Some said Kirk is an idiot and careless leader for stealing something that he didn't know that made him chased by Nibiran in planet Nibiru in the opening sequence of this movie. I disagree with that. He's careless but not an idiot and I think he had a pretty good reason to steal that paper roll. He's trying to lead Nibiran away from the Vulcano that could wipe out the entire race. By stealing the paper roll that was worshiped by the Nibiran, he's success in lead them away. Well, even though it made him seen by the Nibiran, which violate the Prime Directive.
  2. Some complaint that Spock is inconsistent in this movie. He don't want to violate the prime directive that said no primitive culture can be given or exposed to any information regarding advanced technology or the existence of extraplanetary civilizations, and yet he violate the prime directive that said Starfleet must not interfere the internal development of alien civilizations, in this case is save the planet from its destruction by render the volcano inert. I disagree with it because I think save the planet from its destruction is not interfere the internal development of alien civilizations, the sight of USS Enterprise to the Nibiran is. Moreover, having seen the destruction of his planet, I can not imagine Spock would reject Kirk's order to save planet Nibiru. Then in the movie Spock said that if thing goes according to plan, their intervention will never discovered by Nibiran so technically they won't violate the prime directive.
  3. Some said Kirk is a jerk for being manipulated by Khan, threatening lives of his crew and resulted in the Admiral Marcus death. I don't think it will make big difference since Admiral Marcus had planned to kill Kirk's crew from the beginning by impairing the warp core and making them as a bait to start war between Klingon and the Federation. But I did think it's so unwise of him to offer himself and his crew to chase Khan in the first place. I don't like it too when he's not listening to opinion from his crew and fired Scotty subsequently.
  4. The other said it's not logical there's so few people in a ship as massive as USS Vengeance and how easy Scotty to sneak in the ship without no one knowing. Well, Khan itself said that he designed the USS Vengeance to be operated by as few crew as possible. But I did find it illogical it can't detected unauthorized personnel go around freely inside the ship without any sensor pick there's something wrong.
Despite it's awesomeness, there's a several issues that I don't like in this movie:
  1. Khan's blood. It's in the story just to bring Kirk back and make Khan can manipulate one Starfleet officer to blow up London. Seriously, now that they found this miraculous form of blood to resurrect death people, I'm wondering if they would mass produce it and there will be no incurable disease in the future.
  2. Kirk's crew and Khan had just killed some Klingons in Kronos. What happened then? There's no story about this anymore and the movie just end with crews of USS Enterprise take off their 5 year-mission.
  3. Why Kirk appoint Chekov as the substitute for Scotty (the Chief Engineer)? I mean, I know Chekov is 17 years old genius in this movie. But he's a navigator not an engineer. It's pretty weird that Scotty doesn't have a second-in-command from engineering crew that could substitute him when he's not fit for duty.
  4. It's illogical that the security crew didn't arrest Scotty directly when he found him.
  5. What's the point of the scene where Dr. Carol Marcus strip off? Just a fan service? They could do it better. That's being said, J.J Abrams recently reveal Benedict Cumberbatch's shower scene that end-up cut. Watch the scene below:

Since I'm not a pervert, I don't complaint this scene was cut from the movie. Fu fu fu. Well. Well. That's all my opinion. In the end, for me it's a very entertaining movie. How about your opinion?


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