Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lenka Live in Concert, Skenoo Hall, Jakarta, Indonesia - 4 May 2013

I was so lucky since I won a free ticket to watch Lenka live in concert on 4 May 2013. The concert was held in Skenoo Hall, Gandaria City, the same place where J-Rock Evolution was held in 2012 so it's kind of nostalgic to go there. I'm not a big fan of Lenka but I like her and know some of her songs so it's a joy to watched her. The opening acts are the finalist of X Factor Indonesia and they're quite good. Really, watching someone's performance live than only see them on TV always make different in term of the emotional element of the performance. That's why I love to go to live concert!!

My free ticket. Yay!!

They called Nu Dimension, a boyband and big 3 of X-Factor Indonesia
Novita, also big 3 of X-Factor Indonesia. Sorry for the bad quality photo

Fatin, big 3 of X-Factor Indonesia and the favorite to win. Sorry for the bad quality photo

Lenka and her band
Lenka and her keyboard. She looks beautiful

Lenka with 3 finalist of X-Factor Indonesia performed Everything at Once

Lenka and finalist of X-Factor Indonesia performed The Show, if I'm not wrong
The Setlist is like this

  1. Trouble is a Friend
  2. Roll with the Punches
  3. Everything's Okay
  4. Nothing Here But Love (New song)
  5. Hot to the Body (New Song)
  6. Heart Skips a Beat
  7. Don't Let Me Fall
  8. Everything at Once
  9. Locked Out of Heaven (Bruno Mars cover, feat. Sena)
  10. Find a Way to You (New song)
  11. A new song, I don't remember the title
  12. Pump Up Kicks (Foster the People cover)
  13. We Will Not Grow Old
  1. Dangerous and Sweet
  2. The Show
Overall the show was fun. An enthusiast fan shouted out loud, "I love you Lenka" which she replied with, "I love you too". Wkwkwk. Lenka said her Indonesian fans is the best fans in the world (you said that to every country that you visited, didn't you?). I want to thank Indosat for given me this opportunity to watch a live concert for free. I hope they do it more often in the future ^^.


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