Thursday, May 2, 2013

Iron Man 3

The opening act of this year big summer Hollywood movie parade is none other than highly anticipated sequel, Iron Man 3. I love Iron Man but only slightly hooked by Iron Man 2. So, the big question in my head when I entered the cinema with my best friends last Thursday is whether this film would spark something inside of me (like Iron Man) or is this movie just another popcorn movie where I would enjoy it in Cinema but would completely forgot it the next week (like Iron Man 2).

First thing first. What I love in this movie is Pepper Potts turn bad ass, she's even save Tony (Ouch. Is that spoiler for you?) There's more action scenes with Rhodey and I love how Tony cooperate with one of his fan to short things out (That kid seriously really cute >///<.. owww). I love Guy Pearce performance too, but it sure question me about his motive. Destroy the world just because someone ignores you? Really? But well, when you thought someone is humiliate you, you could accumulated revenge and madness deep inside your crazy black heart and go wreck havoc.

Those trailers sure led you to the wrong expectation. It gives you idea that this movie looks grim with the Mandarin as this really bad ass super villain (but it turns out to be a joke, really. Sigh. Wait. Do I give spoiler to you again? My bad). When I first saw trailer where the Mandarin blow up Tony's place in Malibu and said, "Lesson number one. Heroes, there is no such thing", I was like, "I don't wanna know about his lesson number two. For God's shake." But don't worry, this film is not dark at all. More like a comedy. I laugh a lot in the cinema.

Overall, this is a very entertaining movie. I still pretty much love the relationship between Tony and Pepper. The special effect is okay though I don't really love the cinematography. I hope this movie will bring emotional effect to me, but it did not. So I would say that I love Iron Man 3 as much as I love Iron Man, but maybe would forget about it next year. Confuse? I confuse too. But I still recommend you to watch it in cinema.Trust me. It's entertaining.


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