Sunday, April 7, 2013

41 Strings - Four Seasons

As I already said in my previous post, Nick Zinner is one of my favorite musician. His father is a classical pianist and when he was a child, Nick also play violin. So it should have not surprise me when he compose and lead the performance from an ensemble of musicians known as the 41 Strings to celebrated the 41st Earth Day on May 2011. I really really love music that he composed so I think I should share it with you guys!

the 41 Strings performance

The piece is broken into 4, dubbed the four seasons. You could download it here:





Spring is composed by Nick Zinner with his friends. I don't really love the opening, but I love it start from the middle. While Summer, Fall, and Winter is composed by Nick Zinner alone. My favorite piece is Winter cause it's relaxing. So, what do you think about this piece? Do you think Nick Zinner is a talented composer?


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