Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Croods (Movie Review)

Yesterday I have a bit of spare time. So I didn't go home after my work time was end but went directly to Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia (by TransJakarta Bus as usual. I still want to moan about traffic jam in Jakarta but I know you're not interested so let's just talk about the movie).

I don't know whether it's just because I got stuck in Jakarta traffic jam (which made me almost late to watch this movie) or because I was just pretty tired, my mood was grim and watching this didn't improve my mood. There are plenty of reasons that made me move my ass to cinema. First, it's a DreamWorks animation. Second, I hear good review about this film. Third, I was bored and hope to be entertained. But maybe I'm just too old to watch this stuff anymore.

I would write the bad things first. This movie, in my humble opinion, is not emotionally moving. The scene where Eep and his father finally said their love for each other felt fake and not sincere. I just don't know why.   There are plenty of things that, in my opinion, illogical. Well, but of course it is, this is not the type of movie to be taken seriously. Just like when I watched Rise of the Guardians last year.

On the bright sight, the visual of this film is really good. They create a world with cute and magnificent creatures. It's lovely. This film does have lots of funny scenes like "Release the Baby!!". And Belt is really a cute creature. I want him to be my pet. I want the tiger to be my pet too. Ho ho ho. In the end, The Croods is still a pretty entertaining movie. Worth to watch but maybe you will forget it in a couple of days. That's all I  can say. Let end this with Belt style. "Ta ta ta!!"


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