Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Chemical Romance is Disbanded?

This last 4 days have been crazy for me. So little time, so much to do, that made me only heard this news for about 3 days ago and finally manage to post it today. From a post in their official site on Friday, 22 March 2013 and a tweet - well, exactly it's a 2200 words-long letter - from its Vocalist, Gerard Way, I can only say, "Wait. My Chemical Romance is disbanded??"

They're disbanded after 12 years together
Somehow, I know it would be coming. As a long time MCR fans, somehow I thought they had this 2 year-cycles to release new materials. On 2002, their first album "I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love" was released. Followed by "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" on 2004. Then came their most highly regard album on 2006, "The Black Parade". When they're not releasing a studio album (only a live album, "The Black Parade is Dead!" on 2008), I began to have a bad feeling in my heart. But I thought it was because their third album was such a blast that made them had to do lots of tours and didn't have time to make new songs. On 2010, finally they released their 4th album, "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys". And on 2012? Nothing. They just said sometime on October 2012 that they would release 10 unreleased song that did not selected as one of tracks in their 4th album as 5 singles then release the compilation that was called, "Conventional Weapons". I began to sense some danger.

My mind wandering to the first moment I've got in touch with their music. It was their song called " I'm Not Okay" from their 2nd album, "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge". I didn't really like that song at that time though I found the music video was funny. Helena is the first song that made me fall in love with their music (and buy that album, subsequently). It's such an emotional song and I love those emotions. I hate mellow, puny, sad love song but MCR's song is different for me. Poignant without being too musky or mawkish. Then I came across their previous releases. How I love "Drowning Lesson", "Honey, this Mirror Isn't Big Enough" and "Our Lady of Sorrows" (actually all the songs, feels raw but great). Suddenly I became their big fan >//< and without hesitation bought their 3rd album, The Black Parade. By the time they released their 4th album, I was too busy with my work and didn't pay too much attention. But I did love to hear "Sing" and "Planetary (Go)" on the radio. Now, maybe I would never hear their them release a new song again (though reunion is still possible).

I'm checking my Music folder in my harddisk, search "My Chemical Romance", then playing all their old songs. I search YouTube too, to see their old music video:


Welcome to the Black Parade

Famous Last Words

I'm not ready to say goodbye yet. T^T.


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