Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jack The Giant Slayer (Movie Review)

So 2 days ago, out of the blue I went to cinema to watch movie. Usually I don't like to go anywhere on weekdays because Jakarta traffic is crazy. But on last Friday, Jack the Giant Slayer was screened for the first time and I got a bit of spare time. Moreover, it's based on well-known fairy tale (not for me though) and there are Nicholas Hoult (X-Men First Class) and Ewan McGregor in it >///<.

The pace of the story is fast enough. All of the acting is good. Stanley Tucci is interesting enough as a villain. The cinematography and the CGI is good, but not great. A class beneath Life of Pi or The Hobbit, so the giants is believable enough but not looks real. I think it's okay considering the target audience is family and their kids. The kids would be frighten if the giants looks real.  I kind of hope an epic scene of war between Giants and human but there isn't. So it's kinda felt like the climax is not enough for me. What I don't like in this film is the character of the princess that supposed to be smart. In the beginning of the movie she was asking the King to stop sending guardian to guard her and insist to go on her adventure alone because she's strong enough to guard herself. Hell no. She always need someone else to rescue her. But this is only my own opinion, because I hate weak female character, moreover when she was supposed to be a strong one.

Despite all of that I think Jack the Giant Slayer is a good movie. It's entertaining enough as long as you don't come with hope that you would get something to contemplate about. This is the kind of movie that just need you to sit down, watch and get thrill without thinking anything - just like a lot of other typical Hollywood movies. Go to cinema to watch it if you get free time and tell me what's your opinion about this movie too!


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