Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Have You Ever Wonder?

Have you ever wonder what your life would be, if you took different path from what you took before?
I'm not asking about you being another person.
Basically the same person, just in different environment and situation.
For example, sometimes I wonder what would happened if I choose to pursue my dream as an astronaut, took astronomy major rather than pharmacy, where would I be now? Would I surrounded by better atmosphere?
I ever wonder too, If I went to different school, met with different people, went to different university, worked in different place, what would happened to me now? Would I be a better person? Would I have a better career?
If I choose to pursue that master scholarship to Japan and postpone my pharmacist degree, would it be better for me?
If I choose to work in that hospital in Bali rather than work in my current workplace in Jakarta, would I felt happier?
If I accept that boy as my boyfriend and not another one, what would happened to my love story?
If I... Oh, forget it. There are so many "if" in my life

It's not because I don't satisfy with all I am now - well, I'm not satisfied but I always grateful-
I just curious
So many decisions people took in their life
Big decisions
Small decisions
How that decisions affect the direction of our journey?
Made so many possibilities of how to knit our story
Don't it make you curious? To know all the possible stories? All possibility about how your life will be?
And here I am
Still wondering.... Maybe for a long time


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