Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fall Out Boy is Back with New Album - Save Rock and Roll!!!

Last week was the first time I know about this. One of my most favorite band on earth is back!! My America Sweetheart is back! I first notice this about 3 days ago when checking the YouTube trending page and saw Fall Out Boy latest single, The Phoenix, music video. Right after I heard the news about My Chemical Romance's disband, I know about this and went from sad to widely smile.

Fall Out Boy in 2013. This picture is taken from this interview on the website. A really good interview.
Fall Out Boy is one of my favorite band when I was in university (I guess from 2004). I first notice them when "Sugar, We're Going Down" came out and became their fan soon after "Dance, Dance" released. I think I own almost all of their songs, from their earliest EP to their B-sides songs. I even influences my sisters to be their fans!! Wow, it's really nostalgic to write about this! But when they release their 4th Album, "Folie à Deux", I was so busy in my education to be a Pharmacist so I end up not really following things about them. Then, right after I finally graduate and hold my Pharmacist degree, they said they're going on infinite hiatus!!

To be honest, Folie à Deux is not as great as their previous album. But it's still pretty descent. So I don't have any idea that they've been through hell because of it!! So many fans despise that album and it made them sad T^T. Ouch. I couldn't imagine how worst the situation for them, especially Patrick Stump (the vocalist, rhythm guitarist and main composer of the band). After their hiatus, he went on his solo career and received many criticism from the fans too. Mainly because his songs is very different from Fall Out Boy's song and because his slimmed down image. In one of his tweet, he said that even thought he was supposed to not brought down by those negative criticisms, it was tempting to say that he won't do music anymore T^T. I couldn't imagine if I can't hear his pretty voice again as he is one of my favorite vocalist ever (I almost forgot that he was one of my most cherish man on earth. Oh boy, I love him even when he is overweight. I love him more now that he achieved his normal weight and looks healthy)

Fall Out Boy in their earlier days
I was always worried about them. It's because only Patrick and Pete (the bassist) that received almost all the attention. I thought the other two, Andy (the drummer) and Joe (the lead guitarist) is very underrated. As Patrick is the main composer and Pete is the main lyricist, they became the backbone of Fall Out Boy and I constantly worried if Andy and Joe feel wasted or pushed out from the band. Moreover, I thought Andy's and Joe's root is more to metal than punk. The thing is, it's true, particularly for Joe since he also had this urge in writing music that rarely channeled through Fall Out Boy.

But all of that have settled and finally now they come back with their new album, titled "Save Rock and Roll". What a bombastic title! But well, Pete Wentz' way in his lyrics is rarely humble. They already released 2 songs from this album, "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)" - debuted at 26 and currently rank 37 in Billboard Chart- and "The Phoenix" (more of those songs in the next posts). The album itself will be release on 16 April 2013. I thought after their hiatus, Fall Out Boy venture on new yet slightly familiar sound. They sound different from before but I like it!! I would definitely purchase this album as soon as it available in store. What about you?


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