Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ask Bilbo

I was so late to know that yesterday The Hobbit Official Twitter held a live twitter chat with Martin Freeman T^T. 

Although I couldn't get to ask any question because I wasn't join the live chat in twitter, here are some interesting screencaps from the Q&A on The Hobbit Official Twitter. You could read the rest of the Q&A in its timeline.

Martin Freeman ready in front of the laptops to type the answer to the questions

Ha ha ha
Hmmm.. I couldn't imagine anybody else than Andy Serkis play Gollum

Rivendell. Last Homely House. A perfect place to live

I like Bilbo's line when he met Gandalf for the first time

Oh My. Ha ha ha. Very unbiased opinion indeed

Like A Bad German Rock Star?? Wkwkwk

His answer when someone ask him if he's similar with Bilbo

Now, I'm curious to hear him sing

Yeah Martin. They were played by same actor. Do you know him? ;-)

Anything with Gandalf in it is great

Yeah. He's a lovable character

By the way, I read in magazine that Benedict Cumberbatch did Bungee Jumping in New Zealand     

Ha ha ha. Oh my
Martin Freeman at his best.
That's it. Hope you enjoy!! He's pretty hilarious, isn't he?


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