Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adventure on 2 March 2013 - Planetarium

As you could read from my profile, my former dream was to be an astronaut. I really love sky and pretty much all the stuff in the space. Star, moon, planets, although I really love to see them but I've never go to planetarium before. That's why last Saturday I went to Planetarium Jakarta in Taman Ismail Marzuki after I attended my Conversation Class in EF. Contrary to my expectation, this place was really crowded in the weekend. Wow... I thought there won't be many people that would like to go to planetarium. Boy, how silly I am. It's pretty cheap. Rp. 7000,- for adult and Rp 3500,- for child.

Half of the queue to purchase Planetarium show ticket
The show itself was great... if only I didn't know 80% of what they said. He he he.. As I said, I love space objects so it's not a surprise if I know a little bit about it. But it's still pretty good for me. Most of the planetarium visitor was children so it's hilarious to hear how they really excited each time constellation, planet, or galaxy appeared in Planetarium dome. It makes me want to bring my little brother and cousins to go there. The show duration was about 45 minutes.

Inside the Planetarium

Planetarium dome. When the show started, the night sky appeared in it.
   If you're interested to go to planetarium, here are the show time:

The tickets start to be sale 1 hour before the show time
Overall, went to planetarium was lovely. If only they have a more deep and comprehensive video about the space. It would be lovely to know more about black hole, galaxies or Van Buren Supernova. He he he. But maybe I'm asking too much.

Have you ever go to planetarium? Tell me your experience too! 


  1. i want to go there!! if i go to jakarta, make sure to bring me there :)

  2. Punya 2 anak laki-laki yang super duper dan banyak ingin tahu, so pasti sudah pernah kesana...seru bgt bagi mereka, terutama bagi Nabil...
    Tapi untuk adenya, Fadhil, pertama menarik bagi nya, tapi karena suasananya gelap dan adem (serasa malam hari)...walhasil dia tidur sewaktu acara baru mulai 10 menit sampai akhir acara..hehehe :)
    Kebiasaan Nabil yang lain, suka sekali ke museum listrik di Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, mungkin udah 3x kesana, gak bosan-bosan, dia kagum sekali dg nama nya listrik :)

  3. Punya 2 anak laki yang super duper & banyak ingin tahu...so pasti sudah pernah kesana...Nabil senang sekali kesana..
    Tapi adenya, Fadhil awalnya senang sekali, tapi itu cuma bertahan 10 menit, karena situasi nya spt malam & dingin, walhasil di tertidur lelap sampai akhir acara...hehehe :)