Sunday, February 17, 2013

YouTube Personality

For a nerdy, geeky girl like me, internet is a basic need. I seldom watch TV but I always watch videos on internet, particularly on YouTube. Nowadays, many artists that you've seen on TV got famous first as YouTube personality. For example, Justin Bieber, Greyson Chance, Charice, Rebeca Black, and Sung Ha Jung, all of them got in the spotlight thanks to the facts that they're popular on YouTube. By the way, here are some of YouTube personalities in which I subscribe to his/her/their videos on YouTube:

  • Smosh
Smosh is a famous Comedy Duo on YouTube that currently hold record as the most subscribed YouTube channel. They're pretty funny but I only watch their show when I'm bored. In other words, I rarely watch them on YouTube. You could see their YouTube channel here.

  • Ray William Johnson
Ray William Johnson is a famous YouTube personality and currently is the 2nd most subscribed YouTube channel. You could find his channel here.  He's basically review all the viral videos on YouTube every week and it's pretty funny. If you don't wanna missed all the crazy things/videos that happening or trending in the world, you should subscribed to his channel. He's also a musician where he's a rapper in a project called Your Favorite Martian. They're pretty cool and their songs are pretty funny too. Unfortunately this project has been retired.

  • Jeremy Jahns
The subscribers of his channel maybe only about 200 thousands, but I really love it! He is a movie, movie trailer and game reviewer. The dude is pretty funny and I usually watch his review before go to movie theater ^^. You could watch his videos here. By the way, he has some kind of interesting rating system for movies that he reviewed. The rating is goes like this:
  1. Dogshit --> dreadful and rubbish movie
  2. So bad, it might be fun if you're drunk/It's a good time, if you're drunk --> bad movie
  3. You'd like it, if you knew you're friends would never find out --> kinda disappointing movie
  4. It's ok, but you're not going to remember it in T-minus...... ---> so-so movie
  5. Worth watching, no alcohol required/Is a good time, no alcohol required --> good movie
  6. I'd even buy this on Blue-Ray --> great movie
  7. Awesometacular! --> outstanding movie
  • Charlie McDonnell
Charlie is a YouTube personality from UK and he made lots of video where he explain or do something. He's also a pretty good musician. He often sing his own songs in his video while playing ukulele. I watch his YouTube video to help training my ears to understand words in British accent. You could watch his videos here. By the way, he's pretty cute^^.

  • Lindy Tsang
Lindy Tsang, which is known as Bubz in YouTube have 3 channels. I subscribed to her main channel, Bubzbeauty, where I could get tips and watch her make-up tutorials. It's pretty essential to girl like me who almost never wear make-up in my live, not until I'm twenty-something (laugh).

  • Phillip DeFranco
I love to watch news and The Phillip DeFranco Show is one of the channel on YouTube where you could get someone who talk about news and pop culture. It's pretty updated. You could watch his show here.

  • PewDiePie
He loves to share his gaming moments and do some crazy things on YouTube. If interested, you could watch it here.

  •  Ryan Higa
 He love to post various kind of funny video. You could watch it here.
  • Jenna Marbles
 She's pretty funny and the most-subscribed female YouTube personalities. You could watch her here.

Okay, that's it. What about you? Do you have any favorite YouTube personality?



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