Monday, February 25, 2013

My Personal Top 10 Most Atrractive Male (For now)

Okay. Without I realize, my blogs had gotten more than 25.000 views!! When I first started this blog about a year ago, I didn't even expect anyone would read it coz basically it's just me blabbering about random things. ^^. To celebrate it, I want to write something more personal. Something like my preference about man and what type of man that attractive to me. What? You don't give a damn about that? Well, I also don't give a damn whether you care or not (laugh). It's up to you to read this or not. Here we go!

  • Hiroto Ogata
Some of my friends wouldn't know him by his name, Hiroto. Most of them know him by my favorite nickname for him, Pon-chan ^^. And they usually didn't have the slightest idea who he is. To give you a brief description, here are some pictures of him. But beware! Please don't be fooled by his pretty face. He's more tough than most of man I know on this earth!

Hiroto-kun is guitarist of Alice Nine, a quite popular Japanese band. He's the youngest, thinnest and shortest in the band (only 167 cm), some would not think he's attractive at all. The way he walk is unique, like some short of small & arrogant boy who is too pleased with himself. Back when he's still teenager, Hiroto was considered really hyper. So hyper that some would judge him too exaggerated and too passionate. I can't say that he's clever. He drop out from senior high school when he was just in 2nd year to pursue his dream to be a musician. Sometime I spot some spelling mistakes and errors in his tweets (wrong kanji and stuff. he he he). He's perfectionist and sadist to some degree (laugh). Make his bandmate "miserable" sometimes, like made the vocalist, Shou-kun, sing "ridiculously" high note in one of song that he composed or demand Nao-san, the drummer, to do some difficult drum pattern for his song (laugh again).

Read about his description above must make people question me why I put him as my number 1 ^^. But he has something that I value the most. Much more than I value brains and beauty. And that is spirit, passion and behavior, my friend. Contrast to his smug look, he's so humble, polite and a hard worker. He's a man with dream & purpose in this life and he work hard to make it come true. His passion is contagious, he radiate energy. Everytime I look at him, I'm ashamed to be so lazy and had a pointless life T^T. Not too mention that he's a good guitarist and had some skill in design. Okay, enough blabbering. I can never explain all of it too you^^, so let's move to the number 2!

  • Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict is a British actor, mostly known for his role as Sherlock Holmes in BBC Series Sherlock. He also star in a lot of good movies like Hawking, War Horse, the Atonement, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Star Trek Into Darkness (as the most anticipating villain), and he provide voice and motion capture for the dragon Smaug in The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. It's interesting how he could look as a very handsome man or an ugly one depending on the make-up, hair and his role.

As Peter Guillam in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Swoon!! Doki doki!!

As Stephen Hawking in Hawking

Those cheekbones. Oh yeah *dirty thought

As Sherlock Holmes

He's so cute in this one
What? You don't know him? Why don't you just watch Sherlock? You should watch it eons ago and maybe you will be a cumberbit*hes like me or nearly have a man-crush on him like Jeremy Janhs (laugh).

  • Logan Lerman
I'm a little bit Shotakon >///< for loving someone as young as my little sister. Logan Lerman is one of promising young American actor. He is widely known as Percy Jackson in Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, D'Artagnan in Three Musketeers and Charlie in The Perks of Being the Wallflower (one of most underrated movie this year. It's a great movie, yet it didn't even screened in Jakarta cinema). By the way, he's also a musician and love to play basketball >///<.

As Percy Jackson
He said, "I play music. I love learning a new instrument and creating songs; it also goes hand in hand with 
filmmaking, like creating a feeling and emotion in music to complement a scene. Songwriting, guitar, piano, 
 bass, ukulele, a little bit of violin, a little bit of everything - primarily guitar and piano. It's just a hobby for 
now, maybe it would turn into a profession someday... who knows". <3.
  • Takeru Sato
 My favorite Japanese actor. His notable roles are as Kenshin in Rurouni Kenshin and Koyuki in Beck.

credit to Takelicious
As Koyuki in Beck!

  • G Dragon
Leader and the song writer of BigBang, a South Korean Boyband. Love to see him moves and dance ^^.

He shoot my heart

  • Tetsuya Ogawa
Great bassist and the leader of L'Arc~en~Ciel >///<.

  • James McAvoy
A great Scott actor widely known as Prof. Charles Xavier in X-Men First Class. He also starred in some notable movies like Wanted and the Atonement. Love his acting ^^.

  • Martin Freeman
Widely known as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit and Dr. John Watson in Sherlock. He's not handsome but he's witty, funny, and has interesting personality. He's 41 years old, but it didn't stop me to put his poster on my wall.

The poster in my room ^^

  • Robert Downey Jr
Uhmm, you know who he is. I don't have to introduce you to him, do I?

  • Tablo
I was going to put Johnny Depp or Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Elijah Wood and a dozen attractive man to end this list, but I choose Tablo instead. Handsome? Not really. Genius, witty, pretty funny and write some of my favorite lyrics in the world. Please welcome, the leader of Epik High (a South Korean Hip-Hop group), Tablo!

That's it! How about your list? Btw, I'm sleepy. Had lots of works tomorrow. Bye bye!



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