Saturday, December 1, 2012

MUCC feat. Daishi Dance - Arcadia (PV and Music)

Since I watched JRock Evolution 2012, I began to like MUCC more than I did before. They deserve more fame than what they have now. Even though some of my friend raised their eyebrow on me for liking a band that they called "a group of old men that isn't handsome nor cute" but who cares? People might don't like them for their appearance, but for me, their music is all that counts. ^^. And in my opinion, their music is beautiful. They play wide range of music, from heavy metal to electronic dance track. For those who never heard MUCC before, I recommend this electronic dance song for you! The song title is Arcadia and it's featuring Daishi Dance as the DJ. This song a little bit remind me of "Bizarre Love Triangle" though.^^. Here is the PV on Youtube:

Tatsurou-san (the vocalist) might look a little bit scary but he's very charismatic on stage. Yukke-san (the bassist) is very cool when he play his bass. Miya-san (the guitarist) is one of my favorite Japanese guitarist and Satoshi-san (the drummer) is cool too. All MUCC's member are skillfull and I also love Tatsurou-san voice.

If you interested, you could download the song here and the video here.
I hope you could enjoy their song ^^.


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